Acupuncture & Bio resonance

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is a brilliant method of diagnosis and treatment that has maintained and restored the balance of health and wellness to millions of people over thousands of years. We use it incessantly, because it works better than anything else to get energy moving for your long term health.

Acupuncture & TCM are foundation strategies for your long-term whole health repair and recovery:

  • Esoteric acupuncture; whilst Western style acupuncture typically treats physical symptoms, the potentiality to go further is literally profound. With care and thoughtful approach the acupuncture needle can act as channel to harness the cosmically charged cosmic energies that are all around you.
  • MORA Color therapy; full body acupuncture through the induction of coloured light, sometimes known as the “music of acupuncture”, these treatments utilise the potency of light to release feelings of bodily freedom and good health all over that help ease stress and energise.
  • Cupping.
  • Moxibustion.
  • Tui Na.
  • Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis.
  • Chinese Herbs.

The entire universe is an oscillation of the forces of yin and yang.

Tao is the cosmic potential out of which emerged two opposing yet complimentary energies, Yin/Yang.  The polarity of Yin/Yang, together forever.  It is the dynamic state of tension of these opposing forces that realises the expression of Chi.  Chi is the subtle energy which permeates our environment.  There is no english word for Chi.  It is a combination of energy, intelligence, consciousness and information. 

There are no absolutes in Chinese Medicine.  

Chi can be absorbed into the human body via portals of entry on the skin.  These acupuncture points are found on the meridian system.  The Meridian system is the power grid through which Chi flows, the distribution medium for power to the internal bodily organs.  At the acupuncture point is the direct connection between organs, planets, time and the cosmic matrix.  An unlimited potential for creation, which all occurs through the organs which need Chi to work.  Chi is the software.  Bodily organs the hardware.

A highly effective multidimensional healing modality.

Healthy life is seen as one which contains an even balance between the forces of Yin/Yang.  Maintaining a perfect balance between Yin/Yang is felt in Traditional Chinese Medicine to result in the perfect health of mind, body and spirit.  We use these ancient concepts in a modern context, where all people are seen as a microcosm within a universal macrocosm 

Perhaps all you need to know is that it works both quickly and effectively.