QiGong Yoga Aikido Restorative Exercise

Potent willpower will be your experience. Martial arts, yoga or transformational exercise; internal/external energy is collected, stored and manipulated to strengthen and rejuvenate your state of being. It simply kills depression, defeats anxiety and gives you a massive self esteem boost.

Treatment Strategies for long term whole health repair & recovery:

  • Qi Gong; Micro Cosmic Orbit, Elemental Healing, for the experience of Chi.
  • Tai Chi; for the experience of the application of Chi.
  • Yoga; Restorative, Beginners, Gita, Hatha.
  • Cardio programs usually involving swimming/running/bike riding.
  • Mindful weight resistance work, working with muscle groups to transform personal blocks into personal freedoms.

Restorative exercise for long term health, flexibility & wellness.

For long term health, wellness, suppleness and flexibility we use Qi Gong, or Yoga in combination with cardio friendly exercise and the principle of resistance work.  We use weights to quickly break down mental blockages and develop bodily resilience.

Daily we all wake up to unresolved issues.  

So we face the discomfort and engage in powerful morning practice, developing a relationship between muscles, body and mind.  First thing.  Muscles are the physical "sub-conscious".  Your body is the medium to execute the visions of the mind.  The contraction and expansion of your muscles, will at the start, probably have you angry maybe even confused.  Good, because after the practice, you will experience transformational energy, be clear, positive, resolved and left inspired.  

Muscle growth is a very powerful medicine indeed.

It used to be known as the "Yoga of the West".  Beyond the experience of transformation is the rest of the day.  You take this transformational feeling into the day.  It will change the context of who you thought you were, into who actually are.  You will have broken your bonds to the mundane world and changed the nature of how you relate to your acquired self.  It is the acquired self that endures addiction.   

The most effective anti-depressant there is.  End of debate.

All drug use, all addictive distress, no matter how far gone, can be positively transformed.  To dissolve, transform, transmute or transcend any kind of addiction is the result, or indeed the reward, for disciplined work. Day by day by day.


Yoga is as old as India herself.  Qi Gong and Tai Chi practices are more than 5000 years old.  Until recently they were closely guarded secrets, passed down from master to student. We are fortunate indeed that these techniques have diffused to the West and we may apply their benefits to our daily lives.   

HEAL, DISCOVER & move toward what you prefer.

Chi Gong and Yoga work by clearing blockages from the meridians, energy channels and chakras, positively affecting the various senses and vital organs.  When the organs, which are believed to store and generate positive and negative emotions, are energised by chi cultivation techniques, they become healthier, which in turn fosters changes in emotional and personal outlook.  For the better.

We present these techniques in a logical routine & practice these routines daily.