Trauma Release & Creative Engagement

Creative engagement is one of the most under-rated and ironically, most effective tools for raising awareness.  Trauma release is a necessity for anyone caught in the destructive cycle of addiction related distress.  Helps to let go the pain of the past by transforming it into resolute, powerful inner direction.

Treatment Strategies to support creative engagement & trauma release:

  • Breathwork in the Holotropic tradition, full, conscious, connected breathing under guided supervision.
  • Art as Therapy.
  • Somatic Experiencing at the Clayfield.
  • Dancing, wild spontaneous crazy no one watching, dance.
  • Music & Sound Therapy.
  • Time Line Regression Therapy
  • Bodywork, Energetic Engineering.
  • Emotional Field Therapy (EFT).

Tapping Your Creative Healing energies.

Everyone can tap into this deeper source within them.  It takes practice to connect to your creative self, a process that involves getting inner obstacles out of the way. Once the blocks are gone, creativity flows up from deep inside; your personal force, unleashed.   Addictions are seen as the result of blocking the natural flow of your creative energies.  Initiating an internal process of letting go, getting out of the way, and allowing energy to flow, healing is initiated by releasing our creative force for the mastery of health and well being.  


It is a process of connecting to your cosmic self in the face of a mundane world.  

As we go through the painful experiences of our lives, we automatically try not to feel the pain. As if by magic we won't have to experience the unpleasantness.  We have all done this since childhood.  We cut off our mental and emotional anguish by tensing muscles and repressing it into our unconscious.  To keep it supressed in the unconscious, or just below conscious awareness, we create all kinds of distractions in our lives to take our attention away from it.


The price is great, the price is the quality of your life.

We keep ourselves busy, gradually becoming work-a-holics, or take the opposite approach and retire to couch potato land.   We project our problems onto someone else and worry about them rather that trying to solve our own problems.  Lots of us become addicted to drugs, cigarettes, gambling, alcohol or any other addictive activity  Some of us become addicted to being perfect, to being the best or the worst. We either misdirect or spend great amounts of energy in order to keep ourselves from feeling pain.  Including what we feel in the moment and being who we are in the moment


It is you and only you who will heal yourself. 

The process of healing a personal addiction is more correctly, an act of personal empowerment.  It is a personal journey, a rite of passage.  Addiction is a message that somehow, somewhere you have forgotten who you are and what your purpose is.  You have forgotten and disconnected from the purpose of your creative energy, from your core.  


There is direct link between your unfulfilled longing and your addiction. 

Be encouraged to use your addiction to set yourself free to do what have always wanted to do, to be who you have always wanted to be, to manifest and express who you already are from your deepest meaningful, highest reality.  Be prepared for massive change, expect your deepest longing to be brought to fruition.  Be prepared to stop running and turn and face the challenging terrain within.  


Building the mind/body/spirit, developing resilience, cultivating willpower, experiencing contentment. 

It is within this fundamental framework that you regain your health.  Not just the health of your physical body, but also the health of your spirit and the health of your soul.  Engaging in your creative self, "facing-in" to release long held trauma releases the potentiality of letting your shining light emerge.




Emerge in joy, pleasure and well being as your creative self fuels your long term health.