Medicinal Diet Herbs & Supplements

Food is medicine, herbs are medicine and supplements are medicine; all an essential tool for anyone seriously initiating the healing process.  Organic, bio dynamic super foods are our standard. Mental clarity, focus, confidence and contentment will be your experience.

Treatment Strategies to support & nourish your body/mind/soul:

  • Naturopathy.
  • Nutritional Education & Cooking Classes.
  • Ayurveda.
  • Chinese Herbs.
  • Specialist Supplements.

Food acts as a foundation medicine.

As a foundation medicine it profoundly affects all systems of the body.  Food acts according to its various therapeutic properties, although its properties are often less specific and its actions less drastic than those of supplements and herbs. When diet is used correctly for treatment, repair and recovery can occur quickly and effectively.  We prepare, cook, eat and teach which foods and diets are best for your particular bodily constitution and detox needs.

We always see marked improvements when people make appropriate dietary changes.

Nutritional supplements and herbal formulas are an essential healing tool.  The versatility of plants is what makes them so desirable in terms of their healing powers. The active compounds in plants either promote certain reactions or inhibit certain cell processes. Herbs work on the whole person with a battery of ingredients, whereas drugs filter out just one chemical element from a plant and target a disease with one active ingredient.  Herbs are one of the very best medicines to cleanse and detoxify the internal organ system of your body.  

Herbs are a form of treatment so ancient that its origins pre date recorded history.

The simplest way to view herbs and supplements is as concentrated food.  When you drink tea, tincture, infusion, pill or tonic, you are getting a combination of vitamins, minerals enzymes and hormonal precursors. Herbs and supplements are exciting, vital, positively health-enhancing and above all effective.  Herbs & supplements nourish the essence of life, working in a synergistic, powerful way.

Each herb & supplement is a packet of naturally healthy vibrations.

Herbs and supplements fill a need left unprovided for in modern health care: they are safe, more accessible, and more, they allow everyone to take charge of their own health care.  Herbs and supplements in skilful, professionally trained hands can provide a coherent and effective alternative to potentially harmful medicines.  Herbal medicine compared to conventional approaches has a different emphasis.  It uses remedies that are different in their action on the body.  In most cases they are geared toward supporting the powerful, vital recuperative and defensive forces of the body against pathogenic influences, rather than attacking the symptoms head on.   

Building the body, developing resilience, cultivating willpower. 

All the properties of the plant enhance each separate property.  A good diet is an important healing force.  Herbs act as solvents, breaking down blockages and raising vibrational frequency.  Supplements tonify your blood and body. Using herbs and supplements in combination with food is powerful medicine indeed.  Each food, herb and supplement has its own spectrum of action which make them into the holistic healing tools that they are.

Dietary healing practices that clear and energise the body so that your spirit can flourish.