Drug & Alcohol Counselling

Quit drugs or alcohol at your own pace in a safe supportive environment, with reasonable tasks, sensible plans and pragmatic guidance on a pathway that will literally liberate you from negative behavioural conditioning of the past.


You are now in the solution

By adjusting your mind's set point, we can make shedding drug and alcohol concerns simpler. We can provide you with a lifeline and give you take home emotional support techniques to help you smooth out the rough patches so you can achieve your preferred drug or alcohol life with ease.



Each of us has our own personal story of addiction, with behavioural patterns seemingly hard-wired into our brain, difficult to undo or change.  Not so. These patterns are subject to the laws of change and as such you can  “re-train” your thought processes and as you do, will your attitude toward addiction change.  Your addiction was never the problem.  Who you think you are is.  And luckily, that can change.  For the better.


We offer a highly successful holistic life changing program.

There may also be sabotages working against you which you just can't seem to shake with willpower alone, however, with specific counselling we can diffuse these so they will no longer have power over you.

You may have tried every rehab, and found that they don't work, that's because there is no “one size fits all” programme.

However, we will tailor a programme specifically to you and your needs, customising nutritional guidance and physical activity recommendations just for you by using your body's own biofeedback system.  Its flawless.  


Our Clinical approach will help you to break the cycle of addiction.

If you seem to be “stuck” at a certain point, we will use our powerful therapeutic lifestyle coaching will enable you to move on from drugs or alcohol quickly and permanently, regain your health and emotional balance, make positive changes in your life a reality, have a happy purpose laden, inspiring future. You will receive ongoing help and take home techniques, giving you 24/7 support and every opportunity to make your dream of a better life a reality!


Be empowered to take control of your life, naturally, with  AWESOME, LONG TERM, LIFE CHANGING RESULTS.