Out Patient Program

Holistic Detox & Rehab

  • Immediate attention, no waiting lists.
  • Melbourne based, intensive care.
  • Outpatient specialists. 
  • Home visits by arrangement.

Drug repair specific natural therapy treatments

Addiction is for most a dependent, destructive relationship 

It takes your particular perception of needs, desires, beliefs, haves, wants, feelings, expectations, and fears to develop in.

It then takes on a meaning, and in a sense, a power of its own.   

We have successfully treated all kinds of serious drug, substance misuse and addiction disorder issues.  

Concurrently dealing effectively with underlying mental illness, traumatic abuse issues and other restraining factors.

We can help with:

  • Stabilising, reducing or abstaining from drug use.
  • Preventing withdrawal complications.
  • Pharmacotherapy reduction or maintenance.
  • Interrupting a pattern of heavy and dependent use.
  • Initiating abstinence.
  • Positive, long term, life affirming change out of problematic behaviours.


Natural Therapy Treatments to repair the health of your mind/body 

Starting carefully, we kick start your body's internal, innate healing intelligences.

The following treatments are employed to bring your bodies detoxification forward, with as little discomfort as possible:  

  • Acupuncture.
  • Cupping.
  • Addiction Specific Counselling. 
  • Hot Stones.
  • Moxibustion.
  • Medicinal Qi Gong.
  • Restorative Yoga.
  • Shiatsu.
  • Remedial Massage.
  • Medicinal Diet.
  • Medicinal Herbs.
  • Restful Sleep.
  • Controlled Relaxation.
  • Appropriate supplements.
  • Comprehensive Therapeutic Scheduling.
  • Peer to peer support.


Our Clinical approach will help you to break the cycle of addiction


Clinical detox options:

  • Conducted in suitable, comfortable private accommodation.
  • Being based in Northcote we have relationships with local pharmacies and GP's, as needs dictate.
  • Reduction method using pharmacotherapies.
  • Reduction method using Holistic medicine.
  • Combination of either of the above.
  • Detox is done your way and in your own time.


Be empowered to take control of your life, naturally

Home based detox:

  • If you prefer to work on your health in the privacy and comfort of your own home or place of work.
  • We arrange for initial consultation and assessment.
  • We develop a therapeutic program suitable to your needs, budget and timeline.
  • Practitioners and therapists in each discipline will visit you according to an agreed schedule.


Natural Recovery unfolding day by day.

Recognising that the principle of natural recovery exists is a giant leap forward, helping you to break free of constraining addictive conditioning.  

Maintaining momentum is the key.  Keeping your energy, intelligence, awareness and information uptake flowing, in the spirit of growing, building and connecting.  

It is a process as natural as the flow of a river. 

  • We set accessible and sensible tasks.  
  • We provide the necessary guidance on everything you need to address in recovery.  
  • We explain how to deal with unexpected problems, because they will probably occur.   
  • We explain important concepts carefully and with genuine concern, so that you truly understand them.


The first step in giving up drugs or any substance or activity that is no longer useful, is identifying exactly what you are giving up and why.  Once established, we can work toward finding another, somewhat more sustainable way to recapture the life you prefer, naturally.  

  • We use the diagnostics of Chinese medicine to identify the health of your organs, body and mind.
  • We use kinesiology muscle testing to identify the best treatment pathway forward.
  • The treatment path will be unique to you.
  • We provide the insight that allows you to understand your addictive behaviours in a profoundly different way.
  • We support you to move toward your preferred, addiction free lifestyle.
  • We help put you back in real control, really. 



Our team has the appropriate academic and experiential background.  

All practitioners are professionally indemnified.  

Our successful, detailed and practical approach is underpinned by compassionate therapeutic planning  

We provide insight that allows you to understand your addictive behaviours in a profoundly different way so you can move toward your preferred, addiction free lifestyle.  

Addicitions are 'good' until they go 'bad'  And when that happens, talk to us because we can show you a better way to recapture the natural highs and possibly even take them higher, naturally.