Ice Rehab Melbourne

A New Life For You

  • Ice, Crystal, Meth
  • Speed, Any Stimulants, legal or otherwise

There is help. There is Hope

We  specialise in working with addictive experiences, where a learned no longer needed behaviour is simply changed for a better one.  

  • Immediate attention, no waiting lists.
  • Melbourne based, 24/7 intensive care
  • Home visits by arrangement.
  • Long Term Health & Wellness
  • Drug repair with specific natural therapy treatments

Effective empowering holistic drug treatment

We make ice detox & rehabilitation an inspirational & transformative experience

Our treatment service providers will guide you beyond giving up drugs into losing interest in drugs. 

This is true power over substances.

With encouragement and support, you go through profound change and move toward your preferred, ice free lifestyle.

We will help you build a new sustainable foundation.

One that enables you to have the tools and the insights to maintain long term health.

Our treatment programs are challenging but rewarding & bring about positive change 

  • Healthy
  • Happy
  • Successful
  • All on your terms

Our treatment programs are  specifically designed for drug-users

You will gain confidence and feel empowered with each new day as you realise you can break free from debilitating negative behavioural patterns.

Fulfilling the emotional and physical needs that an addict has but can no longer get from drugs or other substances.

Providing a sense of fullness, a sensation much like a drug high.

This provides confirmation that the journey of “discovery” will continue.

This special post-drug therapuetic approach creates an experience of instant change.

You feel uplifted & empowered to engage with the next step and with support you will

Our ice detox & rehab program creates fundamental and lasting change

Naturalis Clinic ice detox & rehabilitation programs are one-on-one.

Our services include high-level counselling, massage, acupuncture, personal yoga, Sh’te-Fu meditation, martial arts tuition, personal training sessions and professional nutrition advice as well as high-quality nutritional supplements and delicious nourishing meals. 

Our core team have personal experience with addiction and have used their past to create a successful and fulfilling life after drugs.

The Naturalis Clinic ice detox & rehab program is conducted only by accredited practitioners, is carried out in confidence and strictly in line with the current legislation and duty of care considerations.

We offer the services of:

  • Massage therapists
  • Acupuncturists
  • Personal trainers
  • Chi-Gung teachers
  • Tai Chi teachers
  • Martial arts instructors
  • Music teachers
  • Art teachers
  • Medicinal food instructors
  • High end counselors

It all starts with your one on one INITIAL CONSULTATION

Following an initial consultation and thorough assessment, a program will be designed especially for you by our supportive professional team.

Program length is the choice of the client, anywhere from one day per week to several months.  Whatever it takes to get the job done.

  • You visit us outpatient clinical service
  • We visit you residential home based service
  • You stay with us residential inpatient 30 & 90 day programs

If you feel a live in approach is needed to address the physical and emotional imbalances, accommodation is available in either local serviced apartments or one of our dedicated discreet community houses, both with 24 hour personal care.

Drug detoxification, or detox, is the first step in our comprehensive rehab program that offers all the tools, treatments and insights required for your long term recovery.

Our comprehensive detox treatments are biased toward complimentary medicine ensuring quick stabilization and a sharp reduction of discomfort with the often unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.  We are mindful of western medicine and use it where indicated.

We do "cool turkey", not "cold turkey".

Our aim is for the healing of your physiological body after long-term drug addiction.

Throughout the day and your entire retreat period, you have the support of qualified, gentle supportive staff who provide ongoing personal supervision.

Immediate & Effective Help with a High Success Rate is available

We provide a holistic ice detox & rehabilitation service

We don’t replace recreational drugs with pharmaceutical drugs.

As your body rids itself of the ice and you begin to feel the effects of stabilization, our therapeutic focus of detox shifts to the development and support of your body, mind and spirit in the light of a preferred post drug lifestyle.

We use the powerful therapies and “secret” techniques of the Eastern medicinal tradition to transform you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

One of the most powerful of these is the 24 hour chi-cycle.

The Naturalis Clinic rehab programs are based on the ancient discoveries of Traditional Chinese, Indian and Tibetan Medicine which have been adapted specifically for modern contemporary life.  West goes East.

We use this system to create a healing lifestyle.

Our model of service care delivery offers awesome results

The Naturalis team specialize in working with drug experiences

The first step in giving up ice or any substance or activity that is no longer beneficial, is identifying exactly what you are giving up and why.

For successful drug recovery it is essential to find out what ice provided for you and then find that in another way.

This provides insights that allows you to understand your addictive behaviour toward ice in a profoundly different way so you can move forward.

All therapies and treatments are custom designed for people who have experienced the intensity of addictive behaviours connected to ice.

If poly drug use, alcohol, medications, childhood trauma, post traumatic stress, chronic bodily pain, sex, food or other restraining factors are in play, we can and will deal with them too.

We offer high-energy special post-drug treatments