Melbourne Drug Rehab

Drug  Repair & Recovery

  • High end private consultations.
  • Results orientated, cost effective.
  • Restorative healing treatments.
  • Our clinic is a sanctuary.

Energy Flow Post Drug Recovery Program 

Connect to your personal power & discover a life of joy

  • Calmness and strength, knowing your purpose.
  • Feeling supported, determined and focussed.
  • Being inspirational to others with emotional resilience.
  • Joyfulness, inner peace, happiness and confidence.
  • Patience, motivation, mental clarity and open-ness.

Experience Your Perfect Day With The Naturalis Energy Flow Program

  • We start with an initial assessment session.
  • During the assessment session there will be talking, probably quite a bit.
  • Questions regarding your future will arise, your personal way forward.
  • Followed by an effective, personalised treatment. 
  • You are presented with an "ITP", designed specifically for you, carried out in the strictest confidence.
  • Your "ITP", is your personal "Individual Treatment Plan", unique to you.

The Naturalis Energy Flow program is your foundation stone for long term health & Wellness  

Once you understand this simple and rewarding daily plan, many issues and their solutions become obvious. 

It's an easily understood, simple, wide ranging program that allows your true nature to come forward and your true nature knows exactly what to do with problematic behaviours and compulsive urges.  

Cultivating constant renewal, sinking, grounding, developing, growing, positive empowered self expression, reflection, appreciation, contentment and restful sleep.  

The Naturalis Energy Cycle Program is a natural way to change any problem behaviour, for anyone, anytime 

  • Early starts begin your transformational day.
  • Personal training sessions establishing immediate contact with Chi. (Don't worry, we will explain).
  • Cardio, weights, Chi conscious restorative exercise.
  • Activate the energetic possibilities of your body with power and simplicity.
  • Nourishing, grounding organic, super food breakfast
  • Consultations, counselling, therapies such as bodywork, deep massage, acupuncture.
  • Heart warming organic lunch in company with everyone at Naturalis.
  • Siesta, rest, relax, go slow.
  • Life skills programs, gentle therapies such as Lomi Lomi or Remedial massage.
  • Lovely evening meal, return to your apartment or home for rest and deep restorative sleep.

Simplify your life with our highly successful holistic recovery program